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Such a rapid

In the course of complications from chronic diseases mesotherapy also should be abandoned, since the positive effects do not always outweigh the harm done to the body.The first positive effects of the procedures performed literally noticeable after the first visit of a beauty shop, a tangible difference to the skin will occur after the 3rd session.Such a rapid reaction due to the fact that the active ingredients are delivered directly into epidermal cells, and hence, begin work right away.Reddening of the skin caused by the introduction of needles into the upper layers of the skin disappear after about 1 hour longer and can be persistent redness caused by an allergic reaction to one of the components of the drug used.

We emphasize the word

We emphasize the word " delicate " as the mistreatment of thin , mobile, sensitive skin leads to its deformation , displacement , poor appearance and , eventually , to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles .Conversely , caring , gentle , endearment , an elaborate program Skincare necessarily rewarded lovely appearance .Person - a special zone emote As already mentioned the facial muscles , cutting , cause displacement of the skin to form folds and creases that defines facial expressions .Manifestation of the whole range of complex feelings ( emotions) - joy , shame, admiration , contempt, surprise , sorrow, joy, disgust , etc.

Citric acid, 1 l of water. Cooking. Stir

With age there

Typical for women is the deposition of fat in the upper third of the outer and inner thighs, buttocks, lower torso.With age there was a progressive increase in the amount of fat in the abdominal region, both due to subcutaneous, and due mezhkishechnogo fat.In contrast, in the lower extremities body fat decreases with age, but increases the amount of intermuscular and intramuscular fat.Racial difference zones of accumulation of fat is also obvious.Compared with other races, blacks people celebrated preferential deposition of fat in the buttocks, which is associated with a characteristic of this race lumbar lordosis (curvature of the spine anteriorly specific).

Be sure to tell

In addition, there are several other contraindications: Problems in the mechanism of blood clotting; bleeding of different origin; cardio-vascular insufficiency; pregnancy and lactation; disorders of the thyroid gland; cancer.If you have at least one of the above problems, discard the procedure, do not expose your health at unnecessary risk.Be sure to tell your beautician working with all the health problems that may hinder the ozone therapy.Real expert, for sure, will help you find another way to get rid of cosmetic defects without harming the general state of your body.

Influence quickly

Women and men are starting to use them as perfume and cosmetic and therapeutic agent (scented ointments for the body, anti-aging balms).To create new flavors from Libya, Arabia, the Middle East to Egypt imported fragrant tree species, pine and olive oil, cinnamon and vanilla.And in the most fashionable modern smells present all these substances.Especially popular in France today enjoy the so-called "food" flavors - vanilla, cinnamon, caramel.Influence quickly spread to Egypt, Mesopotamia.Here production centers aromatic potions and spirits become Palmyra and Babylon, and the most frequently used in religious ceremonies fragrances: myrtle, calamus, cedar.

Circular muscle

Table 1 I group of facial muscles Muscles of the cranial vault Combined in epicranius tendon - cranial aponeurosis .Front - frontal muscle raised eyebrow , forehead skin gathers into horizontal folds Back - neck Lateral - 3 beam ear muscles Muscle area of the orbit Muscle and wrinkled brow wrinkles and brings together the eyebrows , collects vertical crease between them.Circular muscle of the eye closes his eyes , closing his eyelids.Muscle - vekopodemnik Raises the upper eyelid .muscle nose Muscle " the proud " Lowers glabellar skin down , collecting horizontal folds Muscle compressing nose cartilage nose Compacts gathering the folds on his side surfaces Muscle, lowers nasal septum Muscle lifting the nose wing Muscle, lowers nose wing The muscles of the mouth Circular muscle of the mouth Closes mouth closing his lips , pull them forward.

And this is not simply

But first things first! Facial Rejuvenation Program A bit of theory Features leather Did you know that the skin - the largest organ in our body? On average, the surface of the skin of an adult is about 2 m2 and 15% by weight of the entire body.And this is not simply a mechanical case to protect from the environment, and a kind of "Monitor", which reflects the state of our health.Skin has many important functions: touch, selection, thermotaxis, gas exchange.She perceives the tactile sensation, reflects the feelings and pain responds to the changing environment, heat, cold and mechanical effects.

So formed expressions

The action of this muscle is the opposite action of the zygomatic muscles.If the zygomatic muscles lift the corners of the mouth to create a smile, triangular muscle lowers the angle of the mouth and the skin of the nasolabial fold.So formed expressions of contempt and displeasure.Muscle, lowers the lower lip (m.depressor labii inferioris), or quadrangular muscle is under the lip, in the middle of the chin.She turns her lower lip, and give our face an expression of disgust.When this muscle bilateral reduction is even capable of eversion of the entire lower lip.

It's kind of barrier

This layer has a protective function.It was he who stands in the way of negative effects on the body of various factors.It's kind of barrier that protects us from harmful biological, physical, and mechanical effects.Features of the structure of the epidermis provide elasticity, firmness and strength, and high regenerative (regeneration - self-healing) properties contribute to the rapid recovery at the slightest damage.The epidermis, in turn, consists of five layers.Each regeneration occurs, thus the skin is continuously updated.Full update of epidermal cells occurs within 26-28 days.


Then pull your hand for 10 seconds and then immersed in a bath.Repeat the procedure several times until the hands are formed a thick layer of wax.Put into the hands of a plastic bag, then terry gloves.Leave a paraffin mask on hands for 25-30 minutes, then remove the wax by hooking the edge of the nail.Apply a nourishing cream.Paraffin polish with sea buckthorn oil Requires 0.25 package of paraffin, 30 ml of sea buckthorn oil.Cooking.Melt the wax in a water bath, mix with oil.

The second question

The second question .At what time is preferable to do gymnastics ? You can choose any convenient time during the day and stick to that time when daily activities .Time is usually chosen in accordance with employment, individual time daily increased physical activity .At one time it will be in the morning , the other - for the evening, and someone will break your workout in half.In any case it is important to know that you should not exercise immediately after a meal , you have to wait 2 - 5 hours , as when doing any other physical culture.

When mature

Epidermis - is the main site of formation of cells.The new cells push up mature.When mature cells reach the top layer of the epidermis, they die and are sloughed off.New cells appear on the epidermis about every twenty-eight days, but this cycle can be accelerated under the influence of sunburn, hard cleaners and skin inflammations.The epidermis can be fed, thoroughly cleaning and moisturizing the skin.Dermis - is the middle layer of skin.It accounts for about ninety percent of the thickness of the skin.

Count rate

1 / t - "one-two " - tilt your head forward ; 2 / t - " three or four " - take the starting position.recommendations: The number of repetitions - individually.Recommended to repeat 16 - 20 times in one approach and make a couple of approaches for training.Count rate - the calm.Stay straight , bend your back , all the while feeling her wall.Perform each exercise slowly, slowly and quietly , trying to maximize tilt your head to your chest.GROUP B2 .bend over backwards Tilts back (still called " neck extension ") - this great tool in maintaining a level posture , and perfect training for the muscles of the neck , head and face , in particular.

These "sensual fragrances" by the set of actions

These compositions have gained popularity for the fact that their action is much stronger than the individual essential oils.These "sensual fragrances" by the set of actions of the components of a greater influence on human physiological centers - increased potency, the sensitivity of the erogenous zones, thrills - and its energy centers - erotic pulsation, intuition, sensuality.You can try to experiment and make some mixtures themselves.Give an example of a few well-known recipes.Aromatic composition of "Cleopatra" 4 drops of neroli mix with 3 drops of sandalwood and add 2 drops of bergamot and mint.With this mixture you will be able to normalize the nervous system and mental, to initiate receptor impulses that send signals to those areas of the brain that are responsible for erotica.

Found that

At the same time more intensively begin output valuable for the body minerals (eg, salt), which disrupts electrolyte balance.Even short-term overload of water can lead to muscle fatigue and even cause seizures.Therefore, by the way, the athletes do not drink during the competition, but only rinse your mouth with water.Found that daily water requirement of an adult is 30-40 g per 1 kg of body weight.On average, it is assumed that a person consumes in a day 5 liters of water and the same amount is excreted.Directly in the form of free fluid (various beverages or liquid food) adult receives an average of about 2 liters of water per day (48% Daily Value).

This amino

The most common accelerator - tyrosine.This amino acid is formed to synthesize melanin.When she gets on the skin, melanocytes make the tanning process faster.U.S.experts do not recommend the use of tyrosine Sun.Despite the fact that the data on his health hazard no data on its safety is also absent.Avtobronzanty - composition with colorants, which reacts with the horny layer of the skin, thus repainting it in a dark color.This kind of tan lasts up to several days.Its main advantage is the lack of having to be in the sun to get the desired skin tone.

Eye cream should

The cream is applied only on the area under the lower eyelid.Apply nourishing products around the eyes with a soft pat (not to stretch the delicate skin, they can not rub), moving from the outer to the inner edge of the eyelid.Eye cream should be selected in strict accordance with the age category from 15 to 25, 25 to 35, 35 to 45, etc.It is desirable that the cream contains vitamins, in this case its effect will be much more efficient.The cream should be applied morning and evening, before bedtime.And very well energize the delicate skin before applying makeup and before going out (15-20 minutes).

Help to smooth fine

Tonic effect on oily skin can have peppermint oil, lemon, ginger, geranium, juniper.Have sedative properties of chamomile oil, lavender, ylang-ylang.Improve metabolism oils of grapefruit, bergamot, lemon.Normal skin She looks outwardly healthy, but it can not last long if it does not care for and maintain her health.Tonic properties for such skin have geranium, juniper and lemon.Relax and help your skin oils of rose, peppermint, chamomile and lavender.Help to smooth fine wrinkles oil of lemon, orange, tea tree.Mixed skin Combines features of both dry and oily skin.Usually such skin and shiny, and does not tolerate washing simultaneously.

Second, to shift

Firstly , it is possible to carry out rotational movements around an imaginary vertical axis.Second, to shift and move the head and neck relative to an imaginary sagittal plane intersecting conditional body from front to back ( anatomy , from Latin sagitta - boom ) , as if in the direction of an arrow ..Third, implement and offset shifts relative to an imaginary coronal plane , conditionally intersecting body left - right ( anatomical , from French (frontal - frontal ) , ie parallel to the plane of the forehead.In the study of these provisions before we open up broad prospects builds large group exercises related to the mobility of the musculoskeletal system on the line head - neck - body .

Speed ​​- faster

Technique of performance: direct your gaze straight ahead, not fixing any details visible prospects ( for whom it is difficult to select a point away from you).Close your eyes - "one" , open - due to the " two ." So methodically open lids and cover the eyeball to fatigue in the circular muscle of the eye ( it will be a sign of a desire to shield his eyes .) Easy continuous blinking Easy continuous blinking - it's relaxed , in a fast paced opening-closing eyes.Speed ​​- faster than second hand.This speed can be achieved by performing relaxation exercises .


However, fans of this method claim that beauty Cleopatra preferred to remove hair is sugar paste, ie, they are, in fact, the progenitor of this sweet hair removal method....Sugaring hair removal method as the most effective at removing hair length of about 4-5 mm, hair length less than 1,5-1 mm are not removed as poorly captured sugar composition.Therefore, hair removal carried out in spring, when the clothes to hide the long hairs.Undoubted advantage of this method - its extremely low price and availability of materials for use in almost any woman at home.

For dry skin

Soak a cotton vegetable oil, put on face for 15 minutes, cover the top with plastic wrap or oilcloth.The mask is for dry flaky, defatted skin wrinkles.Egg.Whole egg mixed with 1 tsp.cream and apply on face for 20 minutes.Rinse with warm water.For dry skin with enlarged pores.Make a mask 1-2 times a week.Mayonnaise.Wipe the face several times with vegetable oil, then rubbed on the skin until the yolk mass of foam, similar to mayonnaise.For dry skin.Yolk and honey.Mix 1 tsp.honey with egg yolk.

Cream "Spicy" 3 drops

a spoonful of vegetable oil.3 drops of rosemary oil + 4 drops of myrrh + 3 drops of tea tree 2 tbsp.tablespoons vegetable oil.3 drops of bergamot oil + 5 drops of lavender + 3 drops of lemon 1 teaspoon neutral fat cream..Foot care Small cracks in the skin of the calf area Cream Cream "swift-doe" 4 drops of ylang-ylang oil + 2 drops lavender + 1 drop of nutmeg + 2 drops of orange mixed with 5 ml of milk fat for the body.Cream "Spicy" 3 drops of cinnamon oil + 4 drops of sage + 4 drops of grapefruit mixed with 4 tbsp.spoons of heated sunflower oil.Cream "Flower" 3 drops of geranium oil + 4 drops of rose + 5 drops rosemary + 1 drop fennel mixed with 5 ml of baby cream.

Take on the fingertips

Pay special attention to the technique of applying nourishing cream .It differs significantly from the application technique cleansers .Nourishing the skin , forget all the verbs with root - Tir : rub , rub, rub , etc.should vklepyvat Nourishing cream ( if you want to invest even ) in the skin.Take on the fingertips a little cream , spread it between the palmar surface of the fingers of both hands.Now relax your face , cover your eyes and hands begin to apply to the surface of the face, neck , chest .Brush your hands must be free of any tension that , in contact with a person you have the impression of soft gentle girth .

Cooking. Melt

1 drop of cinnamon

2 drops of rosemary oil + 3 drops Helichrysum.3 drops of lavender oil + 1 drop of marjoram + 1 drop Helichrysum.2 drops of cinnamon oil droplet 2 + + 2 drops lavender rosemary.2 drops + 1 drop of marjoram rosemary + 2 drops Helichrysum.1 drop of cinnamon 1 drop lavender 1 drop of rosemary + 2 drops Helichrysum.Aromamedalon.If you choose this method, you should operate only clean oil and not mixtures of 3 drops of lavender or 3 drops of rosemary or 2 drops Helichrysum.

Anatomical reference

It clears the body of harmful substances, protects from external influences.Why cosmetic procedure is best done in the morning? Yes, because during the day the skin is updated irregularly.The strongest regeneration of skin cells occurs early in the morning and early afternoon.So, after peeling, cleansing, peeling skin recover faster early in the morning or afternoon.Anatomical reference reports the following skin."The total area of ​​skin 5-2 m2, its thickness varies in different parts of the body from 0.5 to 4 mm, weight of all skin about 3 kg.The skin is involved in regulating the temperature! body, metabolic, protective and excretory processes in metabolism, especially in salt water exchange.

Pull the chin

This exercise can be repeated anywhere and the more the better.Fists under the chin, with the effort to open and close the mouth.Make 5 times.Stick out your tongue and repeat 15 points 5 times.Pull the chin forward, lower lower lip so that you can see the teeth, and say out loud (this is important), "X".This exercise is called "on the breast lift" - put your hand on the sternum and make sure that it really is.Repeat 10 times.Repeat the previous exercise, lifting his head up, push it and turn to the right and then to the left shoulder.

However, it is not acceptable

Over the years, more and more sorrowful saggy cheeks, mouth corners, tapering side folds, bloated face, wrinkled neck and chin ...So, we are doomed? No! With all of this can and must fight! Thinking about subcutaneous injections? Or maybe even going to use the services of a plastic surgeon? After a successful plastic surgery can restore youth to your face, get rid of complexes and self-doubt.However, it is not acceptable for every woman.First, there is always an element of risk (medical and psychological).Even the best plastic surgeons can not guarantee positive results throughout.

) Step 2 . Mastering

The figure shows

Or another example : in N..to - lean forward short (such as a nod ) .shifts Relative to the sagittal and frontal planes imaginary is also possible to carry out the movement of the " shift ." Very clearly demonstrate this capability dancer performing national oriental dance .With constant training develops amazing joint mobility , the admiration of spectators.The figure shows the four directions of the shear head.Shift direction denoted as follows: - Shift the head to the left - S.

Man feels after

Organs and tissues better saturated with oxygen, accelerates metabolism.In addition, there is a relaxation of tense muscles, the body of toxins faster and metabolic products.All this strengthens the immune system, raises energy.Man feels after a session of vigorous and energetic.Bags filled with massage Thai herbs (you can use ginger mountain, turmeric, kaffir lime, kriptolepsis Buchanan, aromatic turmeric, patchouli, camphor).Honey massage For what? The total recovery of the body.Removing muscle pain symptoms.

Liter. sea ​​salt, 1 tbsp. liter. sesame

Dilute 100 ml of a cocktail

If this diet is well tolerated, it can observe and longer until completely getting rid of excess weight.Diet for "matrons" The first day Zavtrak.Smeshayte 100 ml of orange juice with 2 tbsp.grapefruit spoons and the same amount of lemon.Dilute 100 ml of a cocktail of still mineral water and drink through a straw.After 20 minutes, eat a sandwich from a piece of crusty bread with low-fat cottage cheese, tomato slices and basil leaves.Obed.Smeshayte 50 g low-fat yogurt, 2 tbsp.tablespoons finely chopped green onions, add 3 tbsp.

Wrinkled neck. Sunken

ORDINARY jaw movement

movable jaw Now a closer look at what opportunities for training provided to us by the mobility of the temporomandibular joint and masticatory muscles.ORDINARY jaw movement Interrelated movements of the lower and upper jaw in acts of chewing, speech and breathing varied spatial ypravleniyu and displacement.Special mobility relative to the rest of the skeletal parts of the skull is the mandible .For training purposes outline some of the options and directions of movement of the jaws.Closing - opening jaws Motion displacement of the upper and lower jaw , caused by mobility in the temporomandibular joint (or closing - opening jaws ), which looks like a mouth opening-closing can be accomplished in two ways.

. Aromatic

3 drops of cedar oil + 4 drops

4 drops of lavender oil + 4 drops of rose + 4 drops of neroli.Dermity For the first stage - wet - suitable oils of juniper, cedar, pine, fennel, geranium.For the second stage - the oil of chamomile, rose, lavender, myrrh, rose.Cracks If you have cracks on the palms, elbow bends and soles of the feet to help them get rid of the oil of chamomile, lavender, cedar, cypress, pine and lemon.First we need to take aromabath.6 drops of chamomile oil + 4 drops of lavender.3 drops of cedar oil + 4 drops of cypress + 2 drops of pine.2 drops of cypress oil + 2 drops lavender + 4 drops of neroli + sandalwood 2 drops to 1 cup of warm milk or cream.

If you do not have

...When visiting the baths or saunas should wear special felting hat to prevent heat stroke or even a heart attack, as it is the most vulnerable to head high temperatures.A cap keeps the temperature around the head, which was before entering the steam room.If you do not have such caps in stock, you can wrap a towel around your head.If you visit the bath or sauna for the first time, the question may arise: what is there at all to do, exactly what to do and how to behave in order to get the most benefit? The first call should not be very long, about 10 minutes.


Organizing activities Skincare , take into account all these five of its differences.In particular : understanding how important has normal blood supply to power , breathing and skin cleansing of cells , provide him first, using the gym , secondly, cold - hot tempering by washing ; 2 ) Given the thinning , mobility and sensitivity skin , reduce mechanical, chemical and other external influences on it to the minimum necessary ; knowing that constantly evolved at the surface of the face secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands containing slag and dust settles on the skin of different composition to form the end of the day polluting film delicately clean the face daily .


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