) Step 2 . Mastering

) Step 2 . Mastering ) Step 2 .

Mastering .

You with interest , in the same breath , learn new exercises , something goes right , something - no.

After about two or three weeks with the start of classes (sometimes a month and a half ) you can waylay the first moment of crisis .

Fleeting , superficial glance still can not catch some startling , serious results ( although in fact the process has begun ) , besides the training mode you have not yet had time to get involved .

You can capture a sense of moral fatigue and frustration.

Do not give in to him! Try for a while to join the training work as a mechanism , not discerning and working hard every day .

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The figure shows

The figure shows Or another example : in N.


to - lean forward short (such as a nod ) .

shifts Relative to the sagittal and frontal planes imaginary is also possible to carry out the movement of the " shift .

" Very clearly demonstrate this capability dancer performing national oriental dance .

With constant training develops amazing joint mobility , the admiration of spectators.

The figure shows the four directions of the shear head.

Shift direction denoted as follows: - Shift the head to the left - S.

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Man feels after

Man feels after Organs and tissues better saturated with oxygen, accelerates metabolism.

In addition, there is a relaxation of tense muscles, the body of toxins faster and metabolic products.

All this strengthens the immune system, raises energy.

Man feels after a session of vigorous and energetic.

Bags filled with massage Thai herbs (you can use ginger mountain, turmeric, kaffir lime, kriptolepsis Buchanan, aromatic turmeric, patchouli, camphor).

Honey massage For what? The total recovery of the body.

Removing muscle pain symptoms.

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Liter. sea ​​salt, 1 tbsp. liter. sesame

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Dilute 100 ml of a cocktail

Dilute 100 ml of a cocktail If this diet is well tolerated, it can observe and longer until completely getting rid of excess weight.

Diet for "matrons" The first day Zavtrak.

Smeshayte 100 ml of orange juice with 2 tbsp.

grapefruit spoons and the same amount of lemon.

Dilute 100 ml of a cocktail of still mineral water and drink through a straw.

After 20 minutes, eat a sandwich from a piece of crusty bread with low-fat cottage cheese, tomato slices and basil leaves.


Smeshayte 50 g low-fat yogurt, 2 tbsp.

tablespoons finely chopped green onions, add 3 tbsp.

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