Cooking. Melt

Cooking. Melt Apply a nourishing cream.

Paraffin feet Requires 2 packages paraffin.


Melt the wax in a water bath.


Foot skin clear mask or scrub, apply a protective cream.

Apply wax to the skin of the legs and hold a few seconds.

Then apply another layer of wax.

Repeat the procedure several times until the skin does not form a thick layer of wax.

Plastic bag to wrap your feet, wear terry socks.

Leave wax on my feet for 25-30 minutes, then remove the wax by hooking the edge of the nail.

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1 drop of cinnamon

1 drop of cinnamon 2 drops of rosemary oil + 3 drops Helichrysum.

3 drops of lavender oil + 1 drop of marjoram + 1 drop Helichrysum.

2 drops of cinnamon oil droplet 2 + + 2 drops lavender rosemary.

2 drops + 1 drop of marjoram rosemary + 2 drops Helichrysum.

1 drop of cinnamon 1 drop lavender 1 drop of rosemary + 2 drops Helichrysum.


If you choose this method, you should operate only clean oil and not mixtures of 3 drops of lavender or 3 drops of rosemary or 2 drops Helichrysum.

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Anatomical reference

Anatomical reference It clears the body of harmful substances, protects from external influences.

Why cosmetic procedure is best done in the morning? Yes, because during the day the skin is updated irregularly.

The strongest regeneration of skin cells occurs early in the morning and early afternoon.

So, after peeling, cleansing, peeling skin recover faster early in the morning or afternoon.

Anatomical reference reports the following skin.

"The total area of ​​skin 5-2 m2, its thickness varies in different parts of the body from 0.

5 to 4 mm, weight of all skin about 3 kg.

The skin is involved in regulating the temperature! body, metabolic, protective and excretory processes in metabolism, especially in salt water exchange.

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Pull the chin

Pull the chin This exercise can be repeated anywhere and the more the better.

Fists under the chin, with the effort to open and close the mouth.

Make 5 times.

Stick out your tongue and repeat 15 points 5 times.

Pull the chin forward, lower lower lip so that you can see the teeth, and say out loud (this is important), "X".

This exercise is called "on the breast lift" - put your hand on the sternum and make sure that it really is.

Repeat 10 times.

Repeat the previous exercise, lifting his head up, push it and turn to the right and then to the left shoulder.

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However, it is not acceptable

However, it is not acceptable Over the years, more and more sorrowful saggy cheeks, mouth corners, tapering side folds, bloated face, wrinkled neck and chin .



So, we are doomed? No! With all of this can and must fight! Thinking about subcutaneous injections? Or maybe even going to use the services of a plastic surgeon? After a successful plastic surgery can restore youth to your face, get rid of complexes and self-doubt.

However, it is not acceptable for every woman.

First, there is always an element of risk (medical and psychological).

Even the best plastic surgeons can not guarantee positive results throughout.

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