Found that

Found that At the same time more intensively begin output valuable for the body minerals (eg, salt), which disrupts electrolyte balance.

Even short-term overload of water can lead to muscle fatigue and even cause seizures.

Therefore, by the way, the athletes do not drink during the competition, but only rinse your mouth with water.

Found that daily water requirement of an adult is 30-40 g per 1 kg of body weight.

On average, it is assumed that a person consumes in a day 5 liters of water and the same amount is excreted.

Directly in the form of free fluid (various beverages or liquid food) adult receives an average of about 2 liters of water per day (48% Daily Value).

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This amino

This amino The most common accelerator - tyrosine.

This amino acid is formed to synthesize melanin.

When she gets on the skin, melanocytes make the tanning process faster.



experts do not recommend the use of tyrosine Sun.

Despite the fact that the data on his health hazard no data on its safety is also absent.

Avtobronzanty - composition with colorants, which reacts with the horny layer of the skin, thus repainting it in a dark color.

This kind of tan lasts up to several days.

Its main advantage is the lack of having to be in the sun to get the desired skin tone.

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Eye cream should

Eye cream should The cream is applied only on the area under the lower eyelid.

Apply nourishing products around the eyes with a soft pat (not to stretch the delicate skin, they can not rub), moving from the outer to the inner edge of the eyelid.

Eye cream should be selected in strict accordance with the age category from 15 to 25, 25 to 35, 35 to 45, etc.

It is desirable that the cream contains vitamins, in this case its effect will be much more efficient.

The cream should be applied morning and evening, before bedtime.

And very well energize the delicate skin before applying makeup and before going out (15-20 minutes).

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Help to smooth fine

Help to smooth fine Tonic effect on oily skin can have peppermint oil, lemon, ginger, geranium, juniper.

Have sedative properties of chamomile oil, lavender, ylang-ylang.

Improve metabolism oils of grapefruit, bergamot, lemon.

Normal skin She looks outwardly healthy, but it can not last long if it does not care for and maintain her health.

Tonic properties for such skin have geranium, juniper and lemon.

Relax and help your skin oils of rose, peppermint, chamomile and lavender.

Help to smooth fine wrinkles oil of lemon, orange, tea tree.

Mixed skin Combines features of both dry and oily skin.

Usually such skin and shiny, and does not tolerate washing simultaneously.

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Second, to shift

Second, to shift Firstly , it is possible to carry out rotational movements around an imaginary vertical axis.

Second, to shift and move the head and neck relative to an imaginary sagittal plane intersecting conditional body from front to back ( anatomy , from Latin sagitta - boom ) , as if in the direction of an arrow .


Third, implement and offset shifts relative to an imaginary coronal plane , conditionally intersecting body left - right ( anatomical , from French (frontal - frontal ) , ie parallel to the plane of the forehead.

In the study of these provisions before we open up broad prospects builds large group exercises related to the mobility of the musculoskeletal system on the line head - neck - body .

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