Influence quickly

Influence quickly Women and men are starting to use them as perfume and cosmetic and therapeutic agent (scented ointments for the body, anti-aging balms).

To create new flavors from Libya, Arabia, the Middle East to Egypt imported fragrant tree species, pine and olive oil, cinnamon and vanilla.

And in the most fashionable modern smells present all these substances.

Especially popular in France today enjoy the so-called "food" flavors - vanilla, cinnamon, caramel.

Influence quickly spread to Egypt, Mesopotamia.

Here production centers aromatic potions and spirits become Palmyra and Babylon, and the most frequently used in religious ceremonies fragrances: myrtle, calamus, cedar.

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Circular muscle

Circular muscle Table 1 I group of facial muscles Muscles of the cranial vault Combined in epicranius tendon - cranial aponeurosis .

Front - frontal muscle raised eyebrow , forehead skin gathers into horizontal folds Back - neck Lateral - 3 beam ear muscles Muscle area of the orbit Muscle and wrinkled brow wrinkles and brings together the eyebrows , collects vertical crease between them.

Circular muscle of the eye closes his eyes , closing his eyelids.

Muscle - vekopodemnik Raises the upper eyelid .

muscle nose Muscle " the proud " Lowers glabellar skin down , collecting horizontal folds Muscle compressing nose cartilage nose Compacts gathering the folds on his side surfaces Muscle, lowers nasal septum Muscle lifting the nose wing Muscle, lowers nose wing The muscles of the mouth Circular muscle of the mouth Closes mouth closing his lips , pull them forward.

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And this is not simply

And this is not simply But first things first! Facial Rejuvenation Program A bit of theory Features leather Did you know that the skin - the largest organ in our body? On average, the surface of the skin of an adult is about 2 m2 and 15% by weight of the entire body.

And this is not simply a mechanical case to protect from the environment, and a kind of "Monitor", which reflects the state of our health.

Skin has many important functions: touch, selection, thermotaxis, gas exchange.

She perceives the tactile sensation, reflects the feelings and pain responds to the changing environment, heat, cold and mechanical effects.

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So formed expressions

So formed expressions The action of this muscle is the opposite action of the zygomatic muscles.

If the zygomatic muscles lift the corners of the mouth to create a smile, triangular muscle lowers the angle of the mouth and the skin of the nasolabial fold.

So formed expressions of contempt and displeasure.

Muscle, lowers the lower lip (m.

depressor labii inferioris), or quadrangular muscle is under the lip, in the middle of the chin.

She turns her lower lip, and give our face an expression of disgust.

When this muscle bilateral reduction is even capable of eversion of the entire lower lip.

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It's kind of barrier

It's kind of barrier This layer has a protective function.

It was he who stands in the way of negative effects on the body of various factors.

It's kind of barrier that protects us from harmful biological, physical, and mechanical effects.

Features of the structure of the epidermis provide elasticity, firmness and strength, and high regenerative (regeneration - self-healing) properties contribute to the rapid recovery at the slightest damage.

The epidermis, in turn, consists of five layers.

Each regeneration occurs, thus the skin is continuously updated.

Full update of epidermal cells occurs within 26-28 days.

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