Circular muscle

Circular muscle Table 1 I group of facial muscles Muscles of the cranial vault Combined in epicranius tendon - cranial aponeurosis .

Front - frontal muscle raised eyebrow , forehead skin gathers into horizontal folds Back - neck Lateral - 3 beam ear muscles Muscle area of the orbit Muscle and wrinkled brow wrinkles and brings together the eyebrows , collects vertical crease between them.

Circular muscle of the eye closes his eyes , closing his eyelids.

Muscle - vekopodemnik Raises the upper eyelid .

muscle nose Muscle " the proud " Lowers glabellar skin down , collecting horizontal folds Muscle compressing nose cartilage nose Compacts gathering the folds on his side surfaces Muscle, lowers nasal septum Muscle lifting the nose wing Muscle, lowers nose wing The muscles of the mouth Circular muscle of the mouth Closes mouth closing his lips , pull them forward.


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