These "sensual fragrances" by the set of actions

These "sensual fragrances" by the set of actions These compositions have gained popularity for the fact that their action is much stronger than the individual essential oils.

These "sensual fragrances" by the set of actions of the components of a greater influence on human physiological centers - increased potency, the sensitivity of the erogenous zones, thrills - and its energy centers - erotic pulsation, intuition, sensuality.

You can try to experiment and make some mixtures themselves.

Give an example of a few well-known recipes.

Aromatic composition of "Cleopatra" 4 drops of neroli mix with 3 drops of sandalwood and add 2 drops of bergamot and mint.

With this mixture you will be able to normalize the nervous system and mental, to initiate receptor impulses that send signals to those areas of the brain that are responsible for erotica.


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