3 drops of cedar oil + 4 drops

3 drops of cedar oil + 4 drops 4 drops of lavender oil + 4 drops of rose + 4 drops of neroli.

Dermity For the first stage - wet - suitable oils of juniper, cedar, pine, fennel, geranium.

For the second stage - the oil of chamomile, rose, lavender, myrrh, rose.

Cracks If you have cracks on the palms, elbow bends and soles of the feet to help them get rid of the oil of chamomile, lavender, cedar, cypress, pine and lemon.

First we need to take aromabath.

6 drops of chamomile oil + 4 drops of lavender.

3 drops of cedar oil + 4 drops of cypress + 2 drops of pine.

2 drops of cypress oil + 2 drops lavender + 4 drops of neroli + sandalwood 2 drops to 1 cup of warm milk or cream.


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